There are moments of beauty all around us. When mindful, we become in tune to beauty where we least expect it. Glorious moments are often fleeting.  A photo turns that instant into a forever. 

My passion for photography developed out of an unconscious need to express creativity.  As a child, I found joy in art and animals.  As a young adult, I spent many years working in the fast paced and often stressful music industry. I became an over thinker and lost touch with my creative side.  Shortly after my children were born, I bought  a camera, and my passion for photography emerged.  

While I love taking photos of people and landscapes, my passion is photographing animals.  I am a lifelong equestrian and lover of animals.  Animals are authentic beings; their authenticity allows us to connect to our own authenticity.  Photographing my dogs, birds, and horses allows me to share their pure, beautiful nature to others.  

I reside in Los Angeles and am the mother to 19 year old twin sons.  I am owned by two Standard Poodles, my horse Tater, and  17 year old cockatiel named Periwinkle.